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Gift Ideas For Chocolate Lovers

Did you know that cacao beans (the beans that are used to make chocolate) were so valuable to the Aztecs that they were used as currency!? And I’m guessing there is a pretty good chances you have a chocolate lover in your life.  So if I do the math correctly, I’d say that if you buy...

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Delicious Gourmet Gift Baskets

Every year, I struggle to find the perfect gift for all of my family and friends. And I tend to procrastinate, which doesn’t help the situation. I have elaborate plans to get all my Christmas shopping done in early December, but then find myself scrambling to get gifts for everyone with only...

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7 Foodie Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad!

Father’s Day is June 17! Father’s Day is right around the corner! Looking for that perfect gift for Dad? You have come to the right place! CrateJoy has some amazing subscription boxes available, especially when it comes to food. Below are some last minute gift ideas for the foodie Dad...

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