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Circus Animal Cookie Truffles

Circus Animal Cookie Truffles

There is something about circus animal cookies that just makes my heart twinkle – the pastel pink icing, the cute little animals, the colorful sprinkles.

For many people, myself included, circus animal cookies remind us of our childhood. I still love to eat them straight from the bag and make strategic decisions about which animal to choose. Do you go for the camel or the bear/rhino/lion shaped-creature? Pink or white?!

I didn’t have a special occasion in mind when making these, but they would be perfect for a birthday party, a baby shower or even a school treat. With only 5 ingredients and an easy, no-bake recipe, you can throw these together at the last minute too.

The hardest part will be making sure you have enough cookies left to make the recipe. I’ll admit, I snacked on a few and I had to swat away my husband and daughter a few times as well! Lesson learned, next time I need to buy 2 bags of cookies. 🙂

No-Bake Circus Animal Cookie Truffles Recipe

Making sweet treats doesn't need to turn your kitchen into a zoo. All you need are 5 simple ingredients to create these adorable No-Bake Circus Animal Cookie Truffles. 

Author: Three Snackateers
  • 1 bag Frosted Animal Crackers Cookies
  • 1/2 can Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Pink Candy Melts
  • White Candy Melts (or White Chocolate Almond Bark)
  • Rainbow Sprinkles (also called Nonpareils)
  1. Add animal cracker cookies to food processor or plastic bag and crush until finely ground.

  2. Pour the cookie crumbs into a bowl and add cream cheese frosting. Mix until thoroughly combined. You can use a spoon, although I find it works better (and is more fun) to use your hands!

  3. Next, roll the mixture into about 1-inch size balls and place onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Repeat until the cookie mixture is all used up. 

  4. Place the cookie sheet in the refrigerator or freezer until truffle balls are chilled and firm - between 15-30 minutes will do the trick.

  5. Just before removing the balls from the freezer, get started on preparing your candy melts. Using separate bowls for white and pink, follow the melting instructions on the package of your candy melts.

  6. Carefully dip the truffles in your melted candies until fully covered. I find it works best to use 2 forks to roll the truffles and lift from the melted candy while gently shaking off the excess.

  7. Place the coated truffles back on your cookie sheet and quickly top with sprinkles before the coating hardens.

Tips, Tricks and Tools
  1. The Wilton Chocolate and Candy Melt Pot  will come in handy a lot in the kitchen for recipes like chocolate covered pretzels or strawberries and of course, truffles! The beauty of this tool is it slowly melts your chocolate or melting candies then keeps it at the perfect temperature for easy dipping. No need to rush before your chocolate hardens!


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Confession: I’m obsessed with snacks. I have been for as long as I can remember. Ask anyone that knows me for a fun fact and the word ‘cupcake’ will probably come up. I’m known to keep sprinkles in my purse because you never know when the occasion may call for them. I always look at the dessert menu before ordering dinner. For fun I love to spend hours in the grocery stores scouting new and interesting foods. I love baking, but hate cooking. And I’m so lucky that my husband and little girl love sweets as much as I do!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy for more information.

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