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Festive Ham & Cheese Crackers

Festive Ham & Cheese Crackers

If you are looking for a quick and easy appetizer to make for your next holiday party, I have the perfect recipe for you!

No more stressing over what to bring or spending hours in the kitchen whipping up an elaborate dish. These Festive Ham & Cheese Crackers will take you minutes to put together. And you can easily customize them for any holiday with different cookie cutter shapes!

The ingredients I used in this recipe are Kentucky Legend Artisan Crafted Sweet Honey Premium Ham, Happy Farms (by Aldi) Mild Cheddar Deli-Sliced Cheese, Happy Farms (by Aldi) Pepper Jack Deli-Sliced Cheese, Savoritz Original Wheat Crackers and parsley for decoration.

What I love about this recipe…

It is super easy and won’t break the bank! You can make so many modifications, too. Below are some additional options for each ingredient. Customize the recipe however you want!


  • With Christmas approaching, I used holiday cookie cutters like a snowflake, Christmas tree, gingerbread man and star.
  • Base you choice of cookie cutter shapes off of what holiday you are celebrating or themed party you are hosting/attending. You can use hearts for Valentine’s Day, pumpkins for Halloween or flowers for a summer party!


  • To accommodate larger pieces of both ham and cheese, I used oversized crackers. You can use any shape, size or brand of cracker, though. For example, Ritz or Triscuit.
  • You don’t even have to use crackers! Bread is a great option, too. You could substitute the crackers with sourdough or rye bread.


  • When I decided to use ham for this recipe, I was a bit worried I would be unable to find a thick cut of prepackaged ham. Luckily, I found Kentucky Legend Artisan Crafted Sweet Honey Premium Ham. The cut of each slice was exactly what I envisioned and delicious, too!
  • Don’t like ham? You can use any type of meat. Substitute the ham with salami, bologna, pepperoni or turkey!


  • I used my two favorite types of cheeses – pepper jack and cheddar. You can use any type of cheese, though.

Festive Ham & Cheese Crackers

These Festive Ham & Cheese Crackers are a perfect for any party! Not only are they delicious, they are super easy to put together!

Author: The Three Snackateers
  • 1 package Deli-sliced cheese (any flavor)
  • 1 package Deli ham
  • 1 package Crackers (any kind)
  1. Decide how many ham & cheese crackers you would like to make. Lay out the crackers.

  2. Place one piece of ham on a cutting board. I did not have a round cookie cutter, so I used the rim of a glass (I selected a glass with a circumference slightly smaller than my cracker). Press the rim of the glass firmly into the ham. Place cut piece of ham on top of cracker. Repeat this step with each piece of ham.

  3. Place one piece of cheese on a cutting board. Press the cookie cutter firmly into the cheese. Place cheese on top of ham. Repeat this step with each piece of cheese. Use as many cookie cutter shapes as you want.

  4. Arrange ham and cheese crackers on serving plate. If you would like to make your serving plate a bit more festive, sprinkle some parsley on the plate.

  5. Enjoy!

Did you try this recipe for FESTIVE HAM & CHEESE CRACKERS?

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy for more information.

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